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Big Data Challenges

As Big Data technology is fast evolving, significant impediments still exist for an Enterprise to transform into a Data-driven business. Ingesting, Processing, Securing, and Analyzing diverse data sets, what we refer to as DataOps, is proving to be a complex and expensive endeavor for most companies.

These efforts take too long- and fall way short!

A fast changing technology landscape, exploding data volumes, varied data times, and a lack of skilled resources are key reasons for the current state of affairs.

Presenting DataOps-as-a-Service…

The collective stages of the Data as it moves from Ingest, Process, Secure, Persist, Analyze, to Insight is referred to as DataOps.

Our DataOps-as-a-Service is a combination of Cloud-based Big Data Management platform + Managed Services around harnessing the data.

  • Based on our DataOps components, we provide scalable, purpose-built big data frameworks that adhere to best practices in data privacy, security, and governance.
  • Platform is designed to address a broad range of analytic workloads – both streaming and batch, structured and unstructured, all through reusable design patterns, templates, and domain specific workflows.
  • Popular platform configurations include Data Lake, Data Mart, and Data Stream.
  • Designed for DIY, the platform can be provisioned in a few clicks on major public clouds, thus accelerating the adoption of data-driven initiatives.
  • Through our managed services, we provide custom development, on-going support, maintenance, migration, benchmarking, infrastructure management, and training services for all our solutions.
  • We work on short agile sprints to deliver continuous innovation and a high probability of success.
You spend less time wrangling data and more time and resources on insights and action!


Our DataOps-as-a-Service has powered…

  • Ad targeting in Social Network
  • Voice-of-Customer analytics portal in Consumer Electronics and Banking
  • Customer segmentation for an e-commerce vendor
  • Streaming Data platform for ingesting and analyzing M2M data
  • Churn and Attrition scoring in Financial Brokerage
  • Litigation Analytics platform
  • Legacy application migration to a Big Data stack in Publishing

No matter what your Big Data Science needs, we’ve got you covered!

Business Benefits

  • Agility – Be up and running in days, not months. Our proven design templates and seamless integration options are designed to accelerate your data on-boarding and insight generation.
  • Technology – We have built flexibility and extensibility into our stack that allows you to experiment and choose the component for the right task without becoming locked into a technology or distribution.
  • Value – Our solution is designed to reduce technical complexity, decrease labor costs, optimize infrastructure expenses, speed deployments, and increase success.

You spend less time wrangling data and more time and resources on insights and action!


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