Hiring good quality talent for Big Data Science is a challenge regardless of location – Silicon Valley, Bangalore, Beijing…it doesn’t matter. As a Big Data Science startup, we realized unless we took control of the hiring situation, our raison d’etre would be in jeopardy. So we have decided to launch our Training program – a program with emphasis on hands-on programming, taught by our in-house Architects and Developers who will focus on imparting skills we, at Serendio, care about. We did explore numerous options including working with Training institutes. But their focus was always on giving out certificates, based on a very simplistic and often outdated syllabus, more theory less projects, and above all the quality of teaching was very specious.

How will our training be different?

The Big Data Science technology stack is fast evolving with new and better techniques coming in every day and we at Serendio create and exploit such techniques on a daily basis. We want to emphasize the Lab experience in Big Data Science training where the focus is on Learning by Experiment. Knowing when to use what technologies is becoming an important trait for Big Data engineers. And our team’s collective experience is going to help in imparting this skill to our potential hires.

We will be using our soon to be launched Training as a way to filter and identify quality talent for our own hiring needs. Post the training, we will be conducting screening tests and making job offers to those who meet our criteria. We are flipping the model of Hiring first, Training next pursued by major IT companies like Infosys, Cognizant etc. For a start up to indulge in Training the way we plan to do is unheard of…but we are not afraid to take the Hiring bull by its horns. We want to Train and Hire highly motivated Big data engineers to help us grow.

Are you ready to join our team?